Each month, thousands of visitors come to Big Gay Hudson Valley (or “BGHV” as we call it) to learn more about the big gay happenings and GLBTQ-friendly and -sensible places of interest in the Hudson Valley.  We aim to connect those visitors with the businesses and organizations that serve the interests of – and give back to – our community.  Thusly, we offer a wide range of targeted marketing & promotional opportunities to get your business the exposure it’s looking for.

Three Fabulous Ways to Get Your Business Some Big Gay Attention

Listing your Business or Event on Big Gay Hudson Valley

Each month, thousands of unique site visitors – who both live in and are travelling to our region – click over to BGHV to see what our backyard has to offer the GLBTQ-sensible community.

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Advertising on BigGayHudsonValley.com

This is where it all started – as we enter our 5th year of publishing, BigGayHudsonValley.com continues to serve as the central hub for those seeking information about happenings and resources for the Hudson Valley’s GLBTQ community.

In 2012, nearly 20,000 unique visitors (25% of which were from the New York City area) scanned over 75,000 pageviews across BigGayHudsonValley.com. These consumers are seeking direct, targeted information and are historically high social influencers and high income earners.

Premium Listing in our “Weddings” Section

There’s no denying the boon that same-sex wedding have added to New York State’s economy.  These couples engage in the services of lodging, entertainment, food, beverage, location, and many more providers across the state.

Reinforce with them why they should plan here in the Hudson Valley by showcasing your business’ GLBTQ-affirming services in our specially featured Wedding section.  Banner ad and text-based listings are both available – click on the link for our digital media kit below to learn more.

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