Hey everyone and happy weekend.  First up is a big thanks to our friends, Mike & Ed, and the rest of the Poughkeepsie community for joining us at last weekend’s community clean-up in Poughkeepsie.  To learn more about Adopt-A-Block Poughkeepsie and how you can get involved in giving your community some “Feng Shui Our Way”, visit Adopt-A-Block Poughkeepsie.

Unfortunately for our community, this week was filled with less-than-happy news as the Senate’s vote to overturn Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was filibustered into oblivion.  Thanks go in the largest part to Arizona Senator John McCain, who apparently doesn’t understand the on-the-ground workings of DADT.

On the other side of the gay-politics red button, Marriage Equality New York is throwing their 7th Annual Wedding March this Sunday.  With rallies being hosted in Albany, Buffalo, New York & Rochester, MENY is crossing the bridge for marriage equality statewide – visit the link above to register and join them (and their roster of celebrity VIP guests) this weekend.

On the local radar this week, tourism groups up-and-down the east side of the Hudson are launching their Garden of Eating Tour.  Now in its third year, this ten day, self-guided driving tour of the region highlights the efforts of local food producers & restaurants to grow the unique agricultural communities in Albany, Renssalaer, Columbia & Dutchess Counties.  Check out their website to see the complete tour on their interactive map and spend your next two weekends eating your way around our big gay Hudson Valley.

As our regular readers well know by now, BGHV has endorsed Didi Barrett in this year’s race for the state senate seat in the 41st districtIf you’ve yet to have the chance to meet Didi, join her and our pals, Ryan & Josh of Prephab DJ’s, for a good-old-fashioned block party to officially open Didi’s campaign headquarters in Hyde Park and kick off the march to new leadership in the Hudson Valley.  All the info is on Didi’s website, so drop in and join us – BGHV will be there!

The event calendar is up-and-running, so check it out, Stay A ‘Mo In The Know, and have a great big gay weekend!