Retro Arcade MuseumGay Gamers everywhere, hold onto something sturdy because this is big. Real big.

Artsy-grunge hub Beacon can now add one more piece of flair to its already impressive Main Street. The Retro Arcade Museum has recently opened its doors (privately during the week, longer on weekends) for your sheer nostalgic enjoyment. Boasting a game room of over 40 arcade-style machines, 100+ table-top units and an entertaining space with enough aluminum, formica and sunshine yellow paint to make you spin, this place is slap your momma good (not that we here at BGHV would ever encourage or condone such action).

Owner Fred Bobrow’s doors are open to groups only Monday through Thursday with a minimum playtime of 2 hours (as if that were close toRetro Arcade Museum enough) – Friday through Sunday are open to everyone. All his machines (of which he rumors to have a larger stock that will come into rotation as the arcade gains some traction) are set to token-free play and boast such follies as battles with harrowing flames, submarine warfare and some feel-good pinball. Should carpal tunnels set in and beckon you to rest, pull up a chair to the flat screen airing nothing but the classics (Welcome Back, Kotter anyone?).

Retro Arcade Museum’s mouthwateringly hip facade can be found at 412 Main Street in Beacon, NY. They’re open Friday-Saturday 10a to 10p, Sunday 12p to 6p, and for private events from 10a to 10p during the week.  Give them a ring at 845.440.8494 or drop them an email.

Retro Arcade Museum