This fall, marriage equality hangs in the balance for almost 20 million Americans in four states: Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington. In support of these efforts, the Hudson Valley LGBTQ Center is hosting a series of Equality Advocacy Nights each and every (well, almost every) Wednesday from 6pm to 8pm throughout October at the Center in Kingston.

Volunteers are needed to help with phone banking to support Marriage Equality for 20 Million Americans in Four States, and this is where you can help! Remember how good it felt to win the right to Marry the person you love in New York? Well, you can help to make this possible for so many more Americans this year.

Join the Center’s advocacy team to support The Campaign for 20 Million More, a movement led by Marriage Equality USA. Across the country, dedicated volunteers are sharing their time to support the marriage equality coalitions in the four states at stake.

We Can Win All Four!

To help with our phone bank, all you need is a headset, a computer and a chair – and the Center will provide all of those! After you’re trained by our phone bank coordinators, they’ll help you log into a website that does all the work for you. Well, except for encouraging the voters you talk with to support marriage equality in the ballot issues in their home states. That’s where you come in: helping to tip the balance of equality for 20 million Americans this November.

To register for phone bank nights, email Space is limited, so please RSVP!