imagesBGHV recently received a press release from Hudson Valley Positive – a relatively new organization here in our region that seeks to create a supportive community for men living with HIV/AIDS.

The organization recently hit a new milestone by reaching the 100 member mark. The site seeks to connect men living with HIV/AIDS with each other, to build community, and to share information through events, shared writings, and live chat. The overall goal of Hudson Valley Positive is to break though the isolation and stigma that many people living with HIV/AIDS can encounter.

Over the last few months the site has helped its members to develop new friendships, participate in social outings, and have allowed men to share advice as provided by their positive peers that have “been there”.

While we here at BGHV wish we could say that the organization was not growing – and that HIV/AIDS was no longer a disease that affects all people – this is not the case. Until HIV/AIDS is defeated as a disease, Hudson Valley Positive is just one of the many organizations available for those here in our region. To learn more about the organization, please visit Hudson Valley Positive online.