This week was all about Madeleine Albright; with two events happening at the FDR Home and Library in Hyde Park, NY, the first female U.S. Secretary of State wanted us all to know that her impressive collection of pins indeed has a point.


A major component of the diplomat’s arsenal, Madam Secretary spoke with more than 200 guests  (and even made time to take an official selfie with BGHV’s Stephan on Thursday evening. Regaling the group with stories about her pins, all that they represented, and even some of her juiciest stories about world leaders remarking on not only the pins, but also her firm bosom that held them up. Who knew?!

Following Thursday night’s event, we then had a great crowd come back to join us on Friday evening, September 5th for a special reception featuring wines from our friends at Southside Wines and Sprits on Hooker Avenue in Poughkeepsie, and award-winning cheeses from the Hudson Valley’s-own Sprout Creek Farm. Guests included Bob Clark, the deputy director of FDR’s Presidential Library and Museum who gave attendees an overview of the FDR Presidential Home before diving into the pin collection.

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With guests of all ages and backgrounds – including a large group of students from SUNY New Paltz’s BFA & MFA Programs – the collection featured more than 200 pins that each offered something for everyone to be enamored with.

Look for more events to happen at the FDR home in the future, and if you’d like to plan your trip to visit either the Library or the Read My Pins collection (which is on display through November 2, 2014), check out their website.