Our Wedding in Amsterdam; Once its Legal in New York, We'll do it again!

Our Wedding in Amsterdam; Once its Legal in New York, We'll do it again!

If you listened to the news in the last day or so, you’ve likely heard that Gov. Paterson is planning to put Marriage Equality on Senate’s Agenda sometime in the next few days. Now, it looks like it soon could become legal for gays and lesbians to marry in The Empire State, but we still need help from you, your family, and all of your friends.

Last Thursday, Governor Paterson announced that the marriage equality bill would be among the first items on the agenda when he calls the legislature back to Albany to deal with the state’s budget deficit and other unfinished business. Today newspapers across the state reported that the Governor wants to have the session on November 10, which means a vote on marriage could be two weeks away.

Check out news coverage from across the state on the Governor’s commitment to get a vote on marriage in the coming weeks: Newsday (Long Island), The New York Times (New York City), The Journal News (Hudson Valley), WSYR-TV (Syracuse), WIVB-TV (Buffalo)

As LGBTQ New Yorkers and Allies, we need to make sure that State Senators hear from all of us during the days leading up to the special session. They need to know that it would be unacceptable to return to Albany and not vote on the marriage bill. They also need to know that you, as their constituents, expect them to vote in favor of the bill.

The most effective way to advocate for marriage in this crucial time is to please call your State Senator. It’s important that they hear from you even if you know that your Senator supports the bill. We need every State Senator to know that our community and our allies expect nothing less than a debate and vote on this issue of equal rights.

Calling your Senator is so easy. In fact, the Empire State Pride Agenda has made it even easier than ever by using their “Click-to-Call” tool. It patches you right through to your State Senator in moments with a few clicks of your mouse. It’s extremely important that you, your friends, and your family, call your Senator today and let them know that you expect a vote when they return to Albany and that you want them to support marriage equality for same-sex couples.

Come on folks, we are almost there! Please take a few minutes from your day to call your Senator (even if you have done so already), and tell them nothing short of full marriage equality is acceptable.