barrett_portWord on the street is that Didi Barrett’s campaign is gaining steam – and that’s got the GOP running scared. In light of the LGBTQ community’s recent success repealing Prop 8 in California, Democrats in Columbia County are throwing a party for the pro-equality candidate for NY’s 41st Senate Seat – Didi Barrett – this coming weekend!

That said, you are invited to join Jeff Lick & Steve McCarthy, Jeff Bailey & John Lillis, Pat & Bob Balcom, Mary Gail Biebel, Sarah & Tom Crowell, Jeff Daly & Gary Delemeester, Penelope Hall, Barbara & Michael Polemis, Terry Porter & Jon Mintzer, Nick Van Alstine, Ken Wright & Lock McKelvy, and many more, as they welcome Didi Barrett on Saturday, August 14th, 2010 – 5:00 to 7:00 P.M.

The party will be held at Spruce Ridge Farm 434 Route 13, Old Chatham, NY. Interested in joining them? Please direct your RSVP to Hilary Keller at 212-228-5222 or To read more about Didi Barrett, please visit, or just watch the video below from when Didi joined us for BGHV’s Pride Preview Party earlier this summer!