bilde1I love crossing the Mid-Hudson Bridge from Highland to Poughkeepsie each morning, although I must admit that lately I have been captivated by the construction happening on the parallel crossing; the old Highland-Poughkeepsie Rail Bridge.

Later this year, the long-anticipated Walkway Over The Hudson will open – transforming this derelict fire-scorned remnant of the gilded age of rail transport – into the world’s longest and most fabulous pedestrian Walkway. More than 1 mile in length, the communities along the Hudson are hoping that it will provide a much-needed economic shot in the arm just in time for the Quadricentennial.

bridgedecksmall200807161Being the inquisitive homosexual that I am, I want to know what’s going on up there. However, being afraid of heights, I think I’ll wait until it is a little more “secure” before attempting to sneak into the construction site. That said, you can imagine by delight when today’s Poughkeepsie Journal ran a cover story (complete with a photo slideshow!) about the Walkway, and the progress happening way above the Hudson River.

What do you think of the Walkway? Does its altitude intimidate or does it intrigue you? Leave us a comment below.