poundstoneA rainy Saturday night in Ulster County. My husband Brook and I just left 200+ plus gays and lesbians at the LGBTQ Community Center Gala to see comedy stand-up veteran Paula Poundstone at the Bearsville Theater. (You make choices in life and stand behind them.)

Poundstone is dressed as if she stepped out of an 80s MTV music video: navy-style jacket, loud, striped red tie and two-tone shoes. But her act is up-to-date. She riffs wildly on her hotel room in Kingston, Ulster County weekenders, Denny’s restaurants, the high cost of health care and assisted suicide, all in a deadpan style that keeps you gasping for air.

A 30-year-veteran of the stand-up comedy scene, Poundstone excels in discussing everyday insanities. (Think George Carlin with fewer profanities). She’s flawless when bantering with audience members, throwing out priceless improvised lines.

I was lucky enough to interview Poundstone recently for Chronogram magazine. She gave me a very funny and very perceptive half-hour. Last weekend, she gave the audience two hours of non-stop laughs.

Among the 400-plus crowd, there are a number of gays and lesbians. Yet Poundstone’s sexual orientation remains an open secret. One day, I’d like to finish the esteemed list of out lesbian comediennes “Tomlin, O’Donnell, Generes, Sykes…” with Ms. Poundstone’s name.

Contributed by Jay Blotcher, Big Gay Hudson Valley Resident, High Falls, NY