Sherry Vine will be at Truman's in New Paltz this Saturday, February 6th!As drag superstar Sherry Vine readies her return to the Hudson Valley she shared a few minutes with BGHV to talk about her career in the cabaret and newfound spotlight, courtesy of Lady Gaga’s newest #1. She’ll be at Truman’s in New Paltz this Saturday, February 6th, so join us in the lounge before the show and “Unwind with BGHV” from 7p to 10p.

BGHV: So girl, let’s start at the beginning: tell us the story of Sherry Vine.

SV: [laughs] Oh let’s see here…well it all started 18 years ago on the west coast – which was quite a feat for a 12 year old at the time. I hit cabarets and clubs in LA, jumping coasts to NYC in 1993. I was singing everything from Broadway hits to torch songs and parodies to anyone that would listen. I ran with a group of queens who – pretty radically for the time – actually sang their own songs, made their own outfits and choreographed their own numbers.

BGHV: Are those high kicks and pipes a natural talent, then?

SV: But of course! I mean, my MFA in acting and background in theater helped too, of course.

BGHV: What has been your most fabulous experience in cabaret?

SV: Berlin was fabulous. I was touring Europe and fell gorgeously in love with it, so I set up camp there. Stayed for about 8 months and then brought it back to the states.

BGHV: We’re all dying to know…the Lady Gaga spoof. Where did that inspiration come from – or do we really need to ask?

SV: You know it’s not easy sitting in your apartment on a dull Saturday night trying to come up with things to rhyme with romance! I’m working for this! But after the divine enlightenment of “my pants”, it practically wrote itself and has been quite a hit with the kids.

BGHV: What about the Gaga herself – has she heard it yet?

SV: She heard it the day it dropped! My dear friend, Perez Hilton, who I’ve been rolling with since his NYU days, was one of the first to receive the link when I finished the video. He called me later that afternoon to let me know he’d tweeted it to her.

BGHV: And? Any response?

SV: Well I haven’t gotten a cease and desist yet, so that’s something. I’ve met her before and she’s the absolute nicest, nicest person and such a fan of the gays, so her support, albeit silent, is fabulous.

BGHV: Well we’re so excited to have you joining us this Saturday in New Paltz – have you been to the Hudson Valley before?

SV: Oh sweetie it’s been quite a time! My gorgeous gal pal, Musty Chiffon, and I have done a couple of shows up in her neck of the woods…wherever that is…but I’m looking forward to joining everyone for a weekend in the country.

BGHV: What should we expect from a live Sherry Vine performance?

SV: Like I said I do all the singing, so for better or for worse you’re getting that much out of me. While the kids these days love parodies (bless their short attention spans) there’s a bunch more tricks up these hose. I adore glamorous old Broadway and cabaret so brace yourselves for some raunchy parodies and retro glam.

Sherry Vine, who routinely performs on Sundays at Barracuda in NYC, will be at Truman’s in New Paltz this Saturday night, February 6th. Join us in the lounge and “Unwind with BGHV” from 7p to 10p. You can stalk her on Facebook and at