Stewart Lewis, at ACRS' World AIDS Benefit on Nov 28th in Newburgh.

Stewart Lewis, at ACRS' World AIDS Benefit on Nov 28th in Newburgh.

Fresh from his fabulous tour of the West Coast, out and proud NYC based Singer/Songwriter Stewart Lewis will perform live at Cafe Bocca, located at 14 Mt Carmel Place in the Poughkeepsie’s Italian District for a very rare, intimate performance this Saturday, January 9th at 7pm.

Stewart Lewis was last in the neighborhood on November 28th where he performed as one of the headliner’s for ARCS’ World AIDS Day Awareness Concert at the Ritz Theater in Newburgh. BGHV was able to catch up with Stewart there, where we were truly impressed by his performance. Funny, Genuine, and Sincere, this gay dad can crack jokes with the best of them, and keep the crowd cat-calling for more!

Since Stewart is new to many of us, BGHV asked Stewart to tell us a little more about his music, and what to expect from his show this Saturday night at Cafe Bocca.

BGHV: When we saw you perform at the World AIDS Day Benefit back in November, you were really fantastic. It was at that time that I first learned of your many accomplishments in the field of music. How did you first get into singing?

SL: Well, my parents are in a bluegrass band, so I have been surrounded with music for much of my life. When i was four, somebody through me a tambourine during one of my parent’s shows, and it just went from there. I guess you could say we were kind of like the partridge family, only with a better sense of style!

BGHV: How would you describe your music?

SL: That’s easy; Folk kissing pop, while fondling soul.

Wow. Thats’s deep, but I think I might be able to figure out what that means! Is there an underlying tone or message that you feel most of your songs contain?

SL: Longing and hope. For me, these are things that get me out of bed, you know what I mean?

BGHV: Now, I understand that you are also a single dad. What’s it like being a single gay dad and musician? How do you manage to keep so many “balls” in the air at once?

SL: Well, I have a dream team of nannies. Kidding. I am a “part time” dad so i still get to pursue my careers…that could change when my daughter gets older but right now it’s working very well. I’m lucky.

BGHV: We’re excited to have you perform at Cafe Bocca in Poughkeepsie this coming weekend. How often do you come to the area, and what should people do if they want to come and see your show?

Well, they should come early as the place is small and I plan on packing it! I would love to come back to the area more often so we’ll see how it goes! Should be a fun night of music and stories, and hopefully my hair will be good.

Hmmm…. If your hair is any bit as “sassy” as your performance, I am sure it will be stellar, Stewart. We look forward to seeing you perform this weekend.

Again, please note that seating is limited for this show, so be sure to get there early. Tickets are just $5.00 per person. You can get more information online at or by calling Cafe Bocca at 845-483-7300.