valleyoftheballs_logo_redWant some hot man-on-man action? There’s nothing quite like this summer’s Big Bang Dodgeball Tournament – yes, that’s right, gay beach dodgeball! The fierce contest takes place on Saturday, August 7th from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm at the Hotel Ciel in the Pines on Fire Island!

Come cheer on the brave Hudson Valley men competing as the “Valley of the Balls” team. The event organizers promise a hilarious tournament for warriors, drag queens, bears and all types of guys. (Now, Ladies, for all of you wondering… there are also Diva Dodgeball parties going on in Asbury Park:

In Big Bang Dodgeball, twelve players take to each side of the court (double the amount in regular dodgeball, which doubles the fun). Using only four balls, they must eliminate the opposite team by tagging them out. Another beach dodgeball twist is the addition of a “Snitch” – a whiffle ball perched on a cone – that the players must guard. If the opposite team knocks the whiffle ball off the cone, they automatically win! It’s sure to be an entire afternoon of hotly contested games and even hotter sweaty men. and Newburgh’s Cross Valley Health & Medicine are proud to sponsor the Hudson Valley team. Team members are: Bob Brink, JR Cehonski, Mike Ceruzzi, J. Dewey, Christopher Emerson, Aaron Enfield, David Juhren, Brian Kelly, Patrick McKenna, Jason Phillips, Christian Plaza, Luis Roddi Adrian, Todd Thomas, and Jason Yoder.

For those who want to support the team financially, you can purchase a Hudson Valley of the Balls T-Shirt through BGHV. Printed locally in Poughkeepsie, the shirts are red, with the Hudson Valley of the Balls logo printed in white. Purchase your shirt now for just $20 each using the PayPal button below.

For more information about the Hudson Valley of the Balls, email J. Dewey at or check out the Big Bang Dodgeball Website.

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