ottobacksmA while back I had heard that one of my old bosses from my days at Whole Foods Market had moved up here to the Hudson Valley. When BGHV met up with Otto, the man that taught me everything I know about organic produce, we were thrilled to find that he was planning to open a market right here in the Hudson Valley.

OttosSign440That store opened in December of 2008, and if you have not yet been, I would highly encourage you to check it out. Otto’s Market is a small town grocery store that carries an amazing selection of products in a very cozy space. The market has been a part of the community since 1927, and in its newest incarnation, you will find an old-style grocery store that has about anything you’ll want. On the shelves of Otto’s Market creme-filled chocolate cookies mingle politely with their organic couterparts from companies like Newman’s Own.

From the very basics at a good price, to the best of natural foods, and an outstanding selection of local and specialty foods. Otto’s Market is the best of both worlds: a hometown, intimate old-time grocery with a supermarket-sized selection…. not to mention the fact that they also feature a delightful prepared foods counter, in-house bakery, specialty cheeses from around the world – and many other hard to find items as well.3544378598_cac563c72d

Otto does a fantastic job about putting out a weekly blast that features the incredible selection of new items that he brings into the market, check it out here.

Also a strong steward of the community, Otto is dedicated to providing a great work environment to his staff – complete with health insurance for all of his employees! If you have not yet made the trip up to Germantown to check out Otto’s Market, it is well worth the ride. And remember; Think Local First!