Third Eye Associates, Ltd. is a registered investment adviser, providing Financial Life Planning, Financial Transition Planning, and wealth management to help our clients live a fulfilled life.

We believe that people have the ability to create the life they want. Our mission is for our clients to
experience clarity, confidence and ease with their life and money. Our Life Planning process helps people articulate their fundamental values and desires for living a fulfilled life.

When life changes, money changes and when money changes, life changes. Our Life Transition Planning bridges the two sides of money–the technical objective side and the personal subjective side, equally important and equally complex. The experience of Financial Transitions can be joyful, confusing, inspiring, sad, and stressful. Being a “thinking” partner with our clients, we provide guidance, perspective and organization so you can make wise choices.

Third Eye Associates wealth management process brings best-in-class independent investment managers, estate planning attorneys and accountants to support your life goals.

Our Investment Process helps clients to make better decisions. This structured approach to investment decision-making keeps our clients focused on long-term goals while managing market volatility. It’s not only what you make, but also what you keep when markets go the wrong way.

Together, we structure a financial life plan that provides a supportive financial framework for
living a meaningful, rewarding life. The plan is then implemented, monitored and adjusted as
life demands.

Offices located in NYC, Washington, DC and Red Hook, NY