Middletown Community Health Center, Inc. (MCHC) has been providing health care for adults who reside in Orange County and the surrounding communities since 1977. Our mission is to provide quality, affordable health care services to all members of the community in order to enhance the quality of life of patients, families and the community as a whole.

As per NYS DOH and the Aids Institute, the dialogue about the AIDS epidemic in New York State has changed dramatically and is now about Ending the Epidemic. While there are still more people living with HIV in New York State than in any other state in the nation, New York State’s HIV prevention and care programs have been so successful, it is within our reach to bring the disease below epidemic levels.

MCHC is helping with the goal of the initiative is to decrease new HIV infections to 750 per year by the end of 2020. Medication can prevent New Yorkers from becoming infected with HIV.

MCHC has an extensive HIV Program at all locations.

What is PrEP?
PrEP is a new HIV prevention method in which people who do not have the HIV infection
take a pill daily to reduce their risk of becoming infected.

How effective is PrEP?
PrEP has been shown to reduce the risk of HIV infection, in people who are at high risk,
by 92%. PrEP must be taken daily to be effective.

How do you pay for PrEP?
Most Insurance Companies will pay for PrEP, call your insurance company to make sure
MCHC has a PrEP Specialist that will guide you through the process, Contact MCHCs PrEP Specialist

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