As a professional Reiki Master-Teacher and a nationally certified Reflexologist, Scott’s goal is to bring mind, body and spirit into balance so that the individual is better able to heal his/her self or simply to relax.

Scott discovered Reiki in 1998. His life had become very stressful and it was beginning to seriously affect his health. He also began to notice how the stress of modern life was affecting all of his friends and loved ones. Wanting to help himself and others he began his Reiki training with Rev. Catherine Parisi in 1998. A year later he completed his Usui Master-Teacher training. This led to the start of his career as a professional Reiki Master-Teacher at Saint Francis Hospital in Poughkeepsie, NY. In 2005 he enhanced his skills by earning his Karuna Reiki Master-Teacher certification from William Rand of the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT). He feels that this has added greater depth to his work as he continues to study and receive Reiki. He has had the honor to teach numerous students from all walks of life and greets each client and student with gratitude.

Over the years of his practice, Scott became aware of the writings of Stevan Thayer, founding director of the Center of Being, Inc and originator of a technique called Integrated Energy Therapy, or IET. The more he learned about this technique, the more he was led to become a registered practitioner and Master-Instructor. He studied the Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels with Mr. Thayer at the Omega Institute, Rhinebeck NY, in the Autumn of 2007, and received the Master-Instructor certification from him in the Spring of 2008.

Ordained as a minister with the interfaith Reunification Church in the Order of Melchizedek since 2004, Scott works to provide a healing environment for his students and clients and to assist them on their road to wholeness and wellness. As a proud member of the Hudson Valley LGBTQ Community, Scott looks forward to meeting you.