As an Ordained Priest, Officiant and Chaplain, I will help you make your wedding celebration a central and significant part of your special day.
I can help you with ideas for different kinds of wedding ceremonies and settings. I will work with you to include all significant elements in your ceremony. And I can share with you my collection of wedding poetry, music, readings, rituals and vows.

I will work with you to develop a marriage ceremony that is personalized and, reflects your personal style – whether that is relaxed and formal; traditional and unconventional; I will work with you to be as inventive; creative; unique as you wish!

Once selected, we will schedule a consultation. At our first consultation, I will start with the “big picture” you have in mind for your wedding and then move into details and legal paperwork. I will take you through the steps you need to cover between now and the actual day of your wedding. Then over the next few weeks, I will liaise with you until you feel the ceremony has the words, music and symbols that truly express the love and commitment you feel for each other. About a week before the wedding ceremony, we will have a rehearsal. And finally, there will be the “big day” with a ceremony that all will remember and enjoy!