In The House Consignment Home Store is a blend of Modern, Vintage and Retro Home Decor Furnishings. Consignment is a great way to sell many items of your home that you no longer need or have a use for. Additionally it’s a way to earn some extra cash, as well as a way to recycle and be environmentally conscious to re-purpose, re-use and re-decorate with newly found objects.

If some of you are not familiar with the term Consignment, the stores typically operate through a variety of venues. Some common methods of consignment can be that of Antiques, Vintage, Retro and Mid-century stores to include Thrift Shops and second hand Stores. Consignment can be items that are new, gently used or something you no longer desire such as those unwanted holiday gifts…”Chotchkie’s, Knick-Knack’s”. Consignors will charge you a fee typically starting at 20% to 33% depending on the conditions of the item. The term conditions refers to if the item requires a small repair needed or just a light cleaning. In addition to storing the items we also provide marketing, advertising and promotion on all of our social media and web pages. Your items are then placed accordingly throughout the store in vignettes to display their true beauty and find their next home.

Today’s trend is a bit more eclectic and ranges from family heirlooms to Antiques as well as special finds over the years. Additionally the Hudson Valley has now become a focal point to thousands seeking permanent or temporary residency. One main similarity has been the desire to furnish their new locations with the use of home furnishings from Thrift, Vintage, Mid-Century & Modern Store Auctions and Flea Markets allowing a piece of the past to remain current for years to come.