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17 Sep, 2010

BGHV Weekend, Sept 17th: We’re Back!!!

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Hey everyone!  A big gay thank you to everyone who has been emailing, texting, tweeting and facebooking us over the last couple of weeks to inquire about the fate of BGHV Weekend.  Crazy turbulent work and end-of-summer schedules have kept us away from the blog for a bit but, we are glad to say, we're [...]

25 Jan, 2010

GOP Senators Say They’d Back “Civil Unions”

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The Daily Freeman posted a story Saturday quoting our area senators about their support of the label "civil union" over "marriage" in the fight for equality. Sent our way by resident activist, Jay Blotcher, he poses the following: The Republican senators of the Mid-Hudson Valley make it clear they vote according to their religious beliefs. [...]

14 May, 2009

Want To Get Gay Married? Senator Steve Saland Needs To Hear From You. Please Call Him.

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For those that have been following, recently the New York Legislature voted in favor of Gay Marriage. At this point, the bill moves on to the New York Senate - where, if it passes, it will be signed into law by Governor Patterson. For those of us in Dutchess and Columbia Counties, we are represented [...]