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13 Nov, 2017

Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol

November 13th, 2017|Tags: |

Charles Dickens’ classic tale of greed redeemed into hope, kindness, and love is now told from a very unusual point-of-view in “Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol,” a charming seasonal classic with a signature Shadowland twist! Find out just what happened to Scrooge’s wicked business partner as he takes his own theatrical voyage, with an imaginative cast [...]

12 Nov, 2012

Railroad Playhouse

November 12th, 2012|Categories: Arts & Culture, Entertainment|Tags: |

New Plays – New Artists - Newburgh  THE RAILROAD PLAYHOUSE is dedicated to the revitalization of Newburgh and the preservation of Newburgh’s historic West Shore Railroad Station by providing a space for high-quality, artistically creative performing arts experiences.   The Railroad Playhouse provides a home for playwrights to workshop and showcase new plays; presents local, national, [...]