Over the last year we’ve grown – a lot! We’ve brought many of you together for some amazing events, fundraisers and community gatherings and have kept our community aware of the political and social changes that affect our lives.  In 2010 we plan to keep it coming and want your help to make that happen.

If you’re interested in writing a story about your big gay life, send it over!  We’re currently seeking monthly columnists to share their point of view.  We’re also looking for regional community correspondents to keep us connected to the various pockets of small town valley life.

Are you the one who never leaves home without the camera? Send us your pics from the big gay events in your life and we’ll post them on BGHV.  Night out at the bar?  Picnic day in the park?  We want it all!

Not a writer but got an interesting story to share? Check out our “wish list” below – any of these sound like you?  Fill out the form below and be on BGHV!

Hometown Pride:

  • Why is your town such a great gay place to live?
  • Were you born and raised in the valley?  What’s your foremost memory of gay life in our community as you were growing up?
  • How have you seen the area gay community change over time?
  • Where is your “gay capital” of the Hudson Valley?

Community Connections:

  • Are you active in a local branch of a gay social group (such as Dykes on Bikes)?
  • Do you work closely with local politics to draft new legislation for your community?
  • Do you work counseling LGBTQ youth in a school district or outside program?
  • Who are the “unsung”, under appreciated heros in your big gay life?
  • Do you operate a site of historic interest in the valley?
  • Do you live in a “gayborhood”?


  • Are you a farmer who is growing or raising items for local markets?
  • Where is the “must go to” spot you send visiting friends and family to?
  • Where do you go in search of retail therapy?
  • Where do you go out with friends?
  • Are you a craftsperson with a shop/studio?
  • Does your bar, restaurant or shop have a steady gay clientele?
  • Have you ever been surprised by the amount of gay customers your bar, restaurant or shop has?
  • Are you a proprietor of a spirituality, health and/or wellness business?

Learn & Play:

  • Do you perform in or produce shows in local theaters?
  • What’s your unique hobby or talent?
  • Have you ever participated in an athletically-based fundraiser for LGBT causes (i.e. AIDS Ride, Triathalon, Marathon)?
  • Are you a gay educator?
  • Are you a gay athlete?

Your Big Gay Life:

  • Who are the straight allies in your life?
  • Who was your gay role model growing up?
  • Are you a student leader in your school’s GSA program?
  • Are you a gay parent?
  • Are you the parent of an LGBTQ child?