This Saturday’s Queen City Pride Queen-Sized Tea Dance at Union Tavern has no cover for those that come in an outfit inspired by their favorite figure of royalty. Looking for some inspiration? Here are 9 of our favorites.


1) Queen of Hearts

Feared by Alice and hated by her subjects, this antagonistic jewel of the Disney villains collection deserves Hall of Fame status for her spot-on interpretation of the classic playing card character. Bonus points for her commitment that bold red color story.


2) Queen Bee

The figurehead of the City of Poughkeepsie’s signature beehive seal, the queen bee is all that royalty should be: humble, commanding and timeless. Plus she sweet as honey.



3) Maleficent

Not to be upstaged by her fever dream-induced colleague of the Disney villains camp, Maleficent is here to let you all know that a bad hair day does not mean complete ruin. Toss on a custom-tailored cowl, add a couple of horns and you’re out the door.



4) Queen Latifah

This icon of American stage & screen has played (what seems like) every role imaginable. She can sing, she can dance, she can act and she slays in butch emerald wizard drag.



5) Poughkeepsie Regatta Queen

This is Ann Kaurin. She was proudly crowned the 1950 Poughkeepsie Regatta Queen. She’s one of Poughkeepsie’s many fabulous queens. You go, Ann.



6) Queen Elizabeth I

What could be more summer sensible than a full-length frock and sun-shielding collar? You’ll save buckets of money on sunscreen and not have to worry about mixing & matching – after all, when you’re the queen, you make the rules.



7) Freddie Mercury

This legendary front man for the British rock group, Queen, has it all: killer dance moves, boundless energy, a four-octave vocal range and a last name shared with an element of the Periodic Table.



8) British Royal Family

Sometimes hats aren’t an accessory to the outfit. Sometimes the hat is what makes the outfit. A successful queen is never without a sensible headpiece.



9) Priscilla: Queen of the Desert

OK, so she’s actually a bus, but this queen has it all! Style, grace, flair and a true appreciation for classical opera and the great outdoors.