New York State has a new Governor, and in his State of the State Address, Andrew Cuomo pledged his determination to make Marriage Equality in New York State a reality. With that, comes the need to help change the hearts and minds or our legislators in Albany. We’re going to work to do that on Tuesday, February 8th by attending Marriage Equality Day, and we’d like for you to join us!

Earlier this week, BGHV received a call from Ron Zacchi, Executive Director of Marriage Equality New York asking for our help. The Hudson Valley – specifically districts 37 – 42 are completely under-represented (and in many cases not represented at all) when it comes to meeting with our assembly men and women in Albany. Obviously, this looks really bad for our cause if no one shows up to meet with our elected representatives. Not sure which Senate District you reside in? Check it out here:

Interested in joining us to lobby our State Senators? Drop us a line at, and we’ll register your name with Ron. Also, please let us know if you’d like to carpool.