• The surgeon said, “This man I’m operating on must be a magician. When I reached in to pull out his appendix, I got a ______ instead.
  • Batman said to Robin, “Don’t ever tell anyone I wear a _______.”
  • Dumb Dora was so dumb, she brought a _______ to a press conference.

These lines (and many more) have been immortalized by the popular 60’s + 70’s game show Match Game, which paired willing contestants with a quick-witted panel to see who could make a match when answering a question like the one above. Make a match and win – it’s that simple!

Think you’ve got just enough double entendres to make a match with a live audience? At the next Meet Market: Pop-Up Night Out on Saturday February 20th join Hudson’s own Trixie Starr and Ophelia Nightly as they host their modernized version of the classic Match Game complete with performances from Ms. Nightly’s collection of cabaret ballads.


The Meet Market: A Pop-Up Night Out
305 Main Street, Poughkeepsie

Saturday Feb 20th | Doors open at 8p | Game start ~9:30
18+ to party, 21+ to drink | $5 cover

>> RSVP on Facebook and Invite Your Friends


Looking for a bit more inspiration? Check out this clip from an immortal episode of the original Match Game in which one panelist’s answer about “the biggest ______s she’d ever seen” almost caused the cast to walk out: