La Puerta Azul, the blue door, is a unique destination. Built in 2006 to fulfill our dream of owning a Mexican restaurant and enriching the community, it is a vision realized. 

By travelling to Mexico to study with native chefs and to experience the environment, we went to great lengths to ensure that the foundation of the cusine was authentic and refreshingly modern.

The interior was inspired by our exposure to the rich Mexican culture and  the design combines classic, as well modern elements. We invite our guests to experience the welcoming and festive atmosphere.

We collaborated with the New York architectural firm, Glen & Co to achieve this ambiance and we were recognized for Best Interior upon opening.

Within the interior the iron chandeliers, decorative railings and lamps are hand made by Fletcher Coddington of Arrowsmith Forge

All of the rich and vibrant oil paintings are by the Mexican artist, 

Abelardo Favela. His canvases, with bold and lavish colors add warmth and humor to the interior.